Corporate Art India (An Event Management Firm)

  • 6 years of expertise in the fair industry.
  • Innovative show formats and world-class event executions.
  • Strong relations with key industry players and all.
  • Extensive marketing of every event across all media platforms.
  • Tactical use of digital & social platforms to ascertain maximum footfall in every event.   

  • Trade fairs are the only gateways of direct customer buyer interactions. Only trade fairs allow such direct interaction in the era of online marketing.
  • The distinctive nature of trade fairs ensures to bring in only those customers genuinely interested in that particular product, industry or service.
  • The exhibitors can use the exhibition as a medium to promote their latest or newly launched products.
  • Companies can utilize trade fair platforms for the company branding by sponsoring events, activities etc.                                                                                                                                  

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